ECO-Friendly Artificial Palm Tree

The Artificial Palm Tree is a common simulated plant and is a plant model that replicates according to the shape of real palm tree. It adopts high-performance anti-flame and environmental friendly materials such as FRP resin tree structure, high-performance epoxy resin and glass fiber, GB steel structure, ABS plastic or PU. It can be used for interior decoration, courtyards, roadsides, squares, etc., suitable for all seasons.

1.Don't need water, soil and nutrients, easy to maintain, not affected by the natural climate.
2. The shape can be made according to client`s preferences.
3.Always green in all seasons, anti-UV, not easy to fade, long lifetime.
4.The surface pattern is clear and realistic, and the three-dimensional effect is extremely strong.
5.Applicable places: residences, villas, conference halls, clubs, hotels, bars, etc.
6.Various specifications can be customized according to requirements.

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