Green turf football artificial grass

Artificial Turf has the features of beautiful, high utilization rate, anti-abrasive, not easy to deform, good elasticity, anti-static, corrosion resistance, anti-UV, Environment friendly.The artificial turf is made by straw which is made of PA,PP,PE material, and PP mesh cloth,sewn together by weaving machine. And then sick together by SBR.It is convenient to install,and it has little damage to skin. Artificial turf has good air-permeability and drainage ability. It can be used whole day and has longer lifetime. Besides it has low maintenance costs.

1. Artificial turf for sports has goog air-permeability and drainage ability;
2. UV and corrosion resistance, longer lifetime;
3. Seems similsr to real grass, soft to touch;
4. Artificial Grass Lawns can be used whole day and suitable to every season;
5. Football speed and elasticity similar with real grass;
6. Excellent traction, athletes can accurately judge the direction of the ball.

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