Artificial grass sculpture for decoration

Artificial Plant sculpture play important role in beautify and ecological in urban gardens. And the modeling techniques are also becoming more and more important their styling types and applications are becoming wider.
The dscape and beautifies the living environment, therefore it is wide used around the world. The plasticity of the artificial tree is relatively strong, and it is made of environmental friendly materials. The main raw materials are: GFRP synthetic resin, silk, PU material, etc.

1.Many shapes are available, and accept customization.
2.Artificial plants can be used for outdoor and indoor landscaping or decoration.
3.Artificial plant sculpture has the characteristics of anti-wind, antioxidant and UV resistance. They will not fade even it exposed to sunshine, storm.
4.Don`t need to water or fertilize, don`t need to worry about the plant withering or dying, almost no maintenance cost.

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