LTU crawler type paver

LTU crawler-type asphalt paver is a mature product that is designed and manufactured based on the XRMC's rich experiences of developing and manufacturing pavers. LTU pavers integrate many advantages of the similar product and specially fit for the actual demand of Chinese road construction. Through lots of testing and verification and continuous technical improvement, the performance of this product has reached the first class level in the world and its paving compactness and the smoothness have both met the requirement of national high grade road of China. The key components are all the products of international famous companies, such as the driving systems are the DEUTZ water-cooled engine or the CUMMINS engine etc. the hydraulic and electric systems are imported from SAUED-DANFOSS Company of U.S.or from REXROTH Company of Germany and the speed reducers are imported from Italy etc. The whole machine is designed optimally and rationally such as the big power reserve ensures the credible performance and the humanization design ensures the convenient maintenance etc. LTU is the best selection for the pavement construction of high grade road and any other kind of road.
There are ten LTU900 multifunctional pavers paving on the freeway in Algeria now.
LTU600: 2.8-6M;
LTU750: 2.5-7.5M;
LTU900: 2.5-9M;