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What is KitaiTorg.ru?

KitaiTorg.ru enables manufacturers/suppliers of China to find customers in CIS (independent states of former USSR), and Russian speaking people of CIS to find suppliers in China.

Kitaitorg.ru functions in Russian, Chinese and English languages.

Registration at KitaiTorg.ru

Step 1

Please, enter your current e-mail address and password for your future Kitaitorg.ru account. NOTE: It is very important, that you enter your CURRENT e-mail address, so that you are able to receive Kitaitorg.ru activation link to your mailbox.

Step 2

Step 2 requires you to fill in the following fields:
- your personal data
- additional contact details
- name of a company you are going to represent at Kitaitorg.ru.
After you successfully fulfill the given fields, you will be able to view details of the companies registered in “Chinese Companies and Goods Catalogue” at Kitaitorg.ru.

Step 3

At the final step we need you to add detailed and accurate information about your company and products. Please, add your company information first, and then, continue adding your goods’ description.


Language support

When filling in the information, if you are not sure you can do the CORRECT translation yourself, we recommend you to do the following:

Automatic translator

Use Kitaitorg.ru on-line dictionary

As a rule, a machine cannot provide hundred percent correct translation by translating texts word-for-word and skipping the grammar. Texts of such kind of translation are moderated by our administration, and if it is proved to be not understandable, it will not be published on Kitaitorg.ru (See the Regulations).

Use translation service of a competent translation agency in your area

Ask Kitaitorg.ru to translate your company and products info for you

We have a Special Translation Department consisting of experienced translators/interpreters, that can guarantee a correct translation of info, which will be surely understandable for the foreign language speakers.

For buyers:

In the Catalogue of Chinese Products you can find detailed information about products and services, offered by Chinese companies, including companies’ necessary info and contacts.
The Catalogue of Chinese Products is categorized by sorts of products.

Catalogue of Chinese Products

To find a necessary product, please use COMMON SEARCH service (search by a product name), or use an ADVANCED SEARCH service (search by a product’s definite features).
If, after all, your searching finished with no result, leave your advertising at our Bulletin Board.

Bulletin Board

For sellers:

Welcome to register your company in the to advertise your products in Russian internet. Detailed info on your products in Russian, English and Chinese with photos will be placed in the appropriate goods categories.

Catalogue of Chinese Products

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