Масла чайного

Tea nine advantages:
(1) obesity, she is sexy,
(2) fry without lampblack, kitchen more clean,
(3) moisturize skin without stains, soft delicate bouncy,
(4) cholesterol free radicals, blood circulation more relaxed,
(5) to increase their milk, promote the fetal development, improve the sperm secretion,
(6) to prevent hypertension, stable cardiovascular, inhibit atherosclerosis,
(7) camellia glucoside, camellia saponins, tea polyphenol content high, acetanilide detumescence dispel fire detoxification,
(8) is beneficial to human body in all kinds of amino acid content of the vegetable oil, i. listened Ukrainian occurred mingmu runfei heat,
(9) unique squalene oxygen-enriched ability, anoxia anti-fatigue, improve human immunity, antiphlogistic cancer.
Applicable people: high blood pressure, pregnant mothers, obesity, intestines and stomach, diabetes, cancer, cancer, gives birth to sore skin allergy, health, the elderly, babies and children, athletes fatigue, white inferior limbs energy bald head happened fork, yellow skin is dark spots, habitual constipation.
Tea does not contain the cholesterol, does not contain the aflatoxin, genetically modified foods, do not contain any additives, without any pollution, pesticide and fertilizer with authentic brilliant color, aroma, taste and aroma full-bodied, etc, it is home to donate, diet, and high-end commercial gifts.
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