Household digital ultrasonic cleaner specifications
Interior size 155*95*52 (L*W*Hmm
Outer size 200*140*125 (L*W*Hmm
Volume : 600 ml
Supply power : AC 220~240V 50/60Hz
Operation frequency: 42,000Hz
Power :35W
Household digital ultrasonic cleaner Packing:
Inner box size 245*175*165L*W*Hmm
Outer box size 545*510*355L*W*Hmm
Quantity: 12PC/carton
N.W. : 0.89kg
G.W. : 1.1kg
Household digital ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful unit that gently cleans your CD,jewelry, eyeglasses and even dentures in minutes!
Household digital ultrasonic Cleaner Features:
New function for cleaning CD,VCD and DVD
Using just tap water
Distinct cleaning result
Cleaning articles to shine like new
3 minutes automatically shut-off
Compact lid design to reduce the noise

Household digital ultrasonic cleaner available for:
VCD,DVDdisks,hardware,jewelry,watches,necklaces,earrings,rings,bangles,eyeglasses,Sunglasses ,Printer ink cartridge, dentures, comb, toothbrush.
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