Heating Plate Size(发热板尺寸):60×13mm
product size(产品尺寸):150×16×25mm
Q'ty/Color Box(彩盒数量):1pc
Box Meas(彩盒尺寸):220×35×60mm
CTN(30pcs/ctn) Meas 纸箱尺寸(30PCS/箱):320×230×120mm
G/N Weight of product(产品毛/净重):0.25/0.12kg
G/N weight of carton(一箱毛/净重):6.7/6.25kg
Q'ty per 20FT/40HQ:54200PCS/125540PCS
Technical Parameters: 110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ 25W
① PTC heating element(PTC发热芯)
② ceramic coated plate 陶瓷喷油板
③ Constant temperature 200℃恒温200℃
④Up to 200℃ in 50 seconds, LED indicator50秒内达到200℃
⑤Simple on-off switch for easy and convenient performance(使用简单,方便的ON-OFF开关键及360度旋转线)